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    In 2006, Rawkstah Creations finally became a reality. It started as a little side business working with bands and shooting family portraits on the weekend to help sustain my utility bills and rent in college.  A break from work and some traveling led to new found inspirations from the beauty of the world. Continuing to learn and play with new techniques, methods, and gear for photography and design brought Rawkstah Creations to new levels.  Today Rawkstah Creations is working with established businesses, start-ups, musicians, aspiring actors and models from all over the world.

    As for myself, I have always had an affinity with cameras.  From getting scolded for playing with and therefore using all the film in my dad’s Polaroid camera, to drooling over the latest and greatest models in the quarterly catalogues.  Rawkstah Creations is more than a business, it is my serenity, the thing I always circle back to in life.  Design and photography led me to being more comfortable and confident, and gave me a way to express myself.  It pulled out my inner ‘rawkstah’.  When I meet with a client, in addition to creating an eye-catching design, or capturing just the right moment, I want to leave that client with the same sense of confidence, the design to express themselves, that same ‘rawkstah’ feeling with the work I’ve created for them.



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